Choosing Vertical or Horizontal Blinds

Choosing Vertical or Horizontal Blinds for Living Rooms of Homes in Albuquerque, New Mexico (NM)

In this article, Blind Scapes – proudly serving Albuquerque, Rancho Rio, and Santa Fe, New Mexico (NM) – is here to help you with choosing vertical or horizontal blinds for your home. We proudly carry the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, including their custom blinds.

When determining which Hunter Douglas blinds are right for your home, there are many factors to consider. These factors include how much direct sunlight each window gets during the day, the size and shape of your windows, and if you have children or pets. Hunter Douglas has excellent selections of horizontal and vertical blinds that can match the needs of any home.

In general, vertical blinds are the better choice for larger windows with more important views. This is because they glide open to the side and are easier to open than horizontal blinds on large windows. Horizontal blinds have the advantage of being able to let in some light when open while allowing you to see the view outside from any angle. They are also generally more durable than vertical hanging blinds since they have multiple attachment points. Even with these factors to consider, getting to know what Hunter Douglas has to offer will help guide your decision making.

Hunter Douglas Horizontal Blinds

Parkland® Wood Blinds are a classic-looking window treatment that offers excellent light control and warm, comforting style. You can choose from three different sizes of slats to get the look that matches your home best. In addition, there are many colors that show off the gorgeous look of the natural wood to bring the perfect atmosphere to any room.

The EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds offer the high-quality wood look of Hunter Douglas blinds with the durability of modern materials. You can choose sleek paint colors for a clean look or from different stain colors available with the realistic TruGrain® finishes.

For an extra sleek and clean look, the Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum blinds are a great option. There are many colors, textures, and hues to choose from, giving you a wide variety of options to customize your blinds.

Hunter Douglas Vertical Blinds

The Skyline® Gliding Window Panels are an excellent set of vertical blinds for large windows. The panels are available in multiple colors, fabrics, and opacity levels and easily glide open for convenience when you want to let the view in.

Cadence® Soft Vertical blinds make use of soft curves on the hanging vanes to create a comforting look. The specially designed headrail reduces light gaps and allows for seamless operation.

The Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds collection gives you control over the look of your blinds. You can choose from a wide selection of materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and different fabrics, all available in different colors and textures. The available operating systems allow for easy control over your light.

For an affordably priced option, the Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds are available in different colors and patterns, along with operating systems that allow for convenient use.

Blind Scapes. is proud to offer high-quality Hunter Douglas Blinds. We offer free in-home shopping and proudly serve Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as Rio Rancho and Santa Fe, NM. We have a vast array of options to make your home look beautiful and feel comfortable.