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Upgrading your Guest Room | Blindscapes

Guest Rooms

Get ready to host your holiday visitors in style.

Decorating with Earth Tones | Blindscapes

Earth Tones

Warm up your home environment with earth tones, this fall.

Diagonal Lines in Home Design | Blindscapes

Diagonal Lines

Put a new slant on your décor – it will add a burst of energy to your home.

Decorating with Stone | Blindscapes

Decorating with Stone

Add a sense of nature and permanence to your home with stone.

Kitchen Island Ideas | Blindscapes

Kitchen Islands

Make your kitchen a more functional and social place with a kitchen island.

Decorating with the Color Cream | Blindscapes

Cream Colored Accents

How to create a relaxed interior with the color cream.

Decorating with Bookshelves | Blindscapes


Reduce clutter and exhibit your treasures with bookshelves.

Kids’ Rooms Decorating Ideas | Blindscapes

Kids' Rooms

Learn how to create a fun and durable décor for your child’s bedroom.

Decorating with Lamps | Blindscapes


See how lamps add both beauty and function to your home.

Side Tables | Interior Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Side Tables

Side tables shouldn't be a sidelight in your interior plan. Learn how to put them into focus.

Decorating with Greige | Interior Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Greige, the new neutral

Greige (gray + beige) is the trending neutral in interior design.

Floral Patterns | Interior Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Floral Patterns

Bring spring indoors by adding floral patterns to your home décor.

Decorating with Stripes | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Decorating with Stripes

Stripes can liven a room and make it look crisp and organized.

Deep Blue Accents | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Deep Blue Accents

Create a feeling of safety and positivity in your home with deep blue accents.

Easy Chairs | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Easy Chairs

Life just seems more relaxing and cozy when you are settled in an easy chair!

Adding Texture | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Adding Texture

Transform the feeling of your home with a mix of textures.

Upgrading Your Ceiling | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Upgrading Your Ceiling

Take your décor to new heights with a focus on your ceilings.

Decorating with Pink | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Decorating with Pink

Add the color of happiness to your home.

Ottomans | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes


Five ways ottomans can enhance a room.

Vintage Pieces | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Vintage Pieces

A touch of the old can make your home décor look new.

Decorating with Black | Interior Design Blog | Blindscapes

Decorating with Black

Every room needs just a bit of black!

Dramatic Windows | Home Design Ideas by Blindscapes

Dramatic Windows

Open up your design plan with dramatic windows.

Beautiful Area Rugs | Home Design Ideas by Blindscapes

Beautiful Area Rugs

Add warmth, beauty, and function with an area rug.

Whimsical Décor | Home Design Ideas by Blindscapes

Whimsical Décor

Whimsical accents add an unexpected touch.

Rosé is not just for Sipping | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Rosé is not just for Sipping

Add a touch of rosé to make your interior crisp and refreshing.

The Case for Glass Tables | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

The Case for Glass Tables

Adding a glass table will help your room feel larger and more airy.

Upgrade Your Home Office | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Upgrade Your Home Office

Shape your home office into a space with personality.

Sofa Buying Guide | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

A Sofa Buying Guide

Everything you need to consider when buying a new sofa.

Green Home Accents | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Bring Green Inside

Create a natural, peaceful feeling with green home accents.

Selecting a Kitchen Table | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

The Perfect Kitchen Table

Make your kitchen a popular meeting place for family and friends.

Decorate with Light Blue | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Decorating with Light Blue

Light blue décor soothes the senses.

Decorate with Leather | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Leather Furnishings

Leather adds great texture and color to a room.

Create a Spa Bathroom | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Create a Spa Bathroom

Upgrade your master bathroom to a five-star retreat.

Stunning Light Fixtures - Ideas by Blindscapes

Stunning Light Fixtures

Light up your home by adding a stunning chandelier - it can completely change the look of a room!

Decorate with Natural Wood - Ideas by Blindscapes

Natural Wood

Wood design elements add color, texture, grain, and a touch of nature to your room.

A Substantial Piece of Art - Design Ideas by Blindscapes

A Substantial Piece of Art

A substantial piece of art adds personality and can be the starting point for your room design plan.

Compelling Coffee Tables | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Compelling Coffee Tables

A coffee table shouldn’t be an insignificant afterthought near the end of planning your living room or great room. It’s a pivotal design element that can add drama and personality to your interior design plan.

Decorating with Gray | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Gray Nuances

The most common neutrals used in home design are shades of white and beige. Gray is a surprising and elegant alternative that’s flexible and sensuous, and never drab or mousy, despite its stereotype.

Accent Vases | Home Design Ideas | Blindscapes

Accent Vases

Often we think about vases solely as vessels to display fresh flowers – and it is nice to bring some of outdoor nature inside! But they are so much more. Vases work alone or in groups of two or more, placed close together.

Decorating with Curves | Design Ideas from Blindscapes

Decorating with Curves

Most home interiors have lots of straight lines and square – or almost square – corners. Instead, why not think outside the box and add some curved design elements to your interior design plan?

Mood-Inspiring Candles | Design Ideas from Blindscapes

Mood-Inspiring Candles

Warm up the mood in your living environment by adding candles to your décor. They’re perfect for the cold winter months and continue to add beauty all year long.

Decorating with Brass | Design Ideas from Blindscapes

Brass is Back

Believe it or not, brass is popular again as a home decorating choice. The shiny, lacquered brass that was in favor a generation ago has been replaced by a softer, gentler version of brass.

Spruce up your Fireplace | Design Ideas from Blindscapes

Spruce up your Fireplace

Spruce up your fireplace now and enjoy a warm, cozy experience all winter long. With a little carefully planned TLC, your hearth can become the centerpiece of your home.

Decorating for the Holidays | Design Ideas from Blindscapes

Create a Festive Feel

You may be the type of person that goes all out for the holidays – and that’s great. But don’t despair if you want a holiday feeling in your home, but also want to keep it simple.

Decorating with Pillows | Design Ideas from Blindscapes

Decorate with Pillows

Pillows seem like a small detail in a decorating scheme, yet they can add so much color, texture and personality to the look of your home. A few pillows can have a big impact!

The Color Lime | Blindscapes, Albuquerque

The Color Lime

Lime is a bold, extroverted color. Given its drama and intensity, it’s surprising that the hue works beautifully with many color palettes.

Built-in Seating | Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Built-in Seating

Built-in seating feels cozy and inviting – and it can be very versatile, providing not just an additional place to sit, but additional display space or even storage.

Complementary Colors | Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors add energy to a room, yet at the same time, they make us feel comfortable and complete.

Decorating with Red - Design Ideas by Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Decorating with Red

A red accent can create a focal point in your room - and it adds passion to your interior look!

Bathtub Design Ideas by Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Bathtub Design Ideas

A beautiful bathtub can change the way you think about your bathroom. See ideas for creating a relaxing, stress-relieving retreat.

Dining Room Storage - Design Ideas by Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Dining Room Storage

Adding a storage solution to your dining room can transform this room from clutter to clean.

Decorating with White, Design Ideas by Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Decorating with White

White is a clear, clean choice for summer decorating, yet it lasts throughout the year, lightening a room on dark winter days.

Books as Design Elements, Design Ideas by Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Books as Design Elements

Books add color, texture and scale. Most of all, they create a point of interest and conversation for your guests.

Decorative Moldings, Design Ideas by Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Decorative Moldings

Decorative moldings add texture and interest to your home. Add them to your walls, windows, doors, or ceilings.

Decorating with Headboards | Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Decorating with Headboards

A beautiful headboard adds instant style to your bedroom.

Decorating with Pastel Colors | Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors make your room feel lighter and more delicate.

Indoor-Outdoor Decorating | Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Blending your interior and outdoor living spaces enhances summer enjoyment.

The Beach House Look - Ideas from Blindscapes, Albuquerque

The Beach House Look

Learn how you can create a beach house look in your home.

Metal Trim on Furniture - Design Ideas from Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Metal Trim on Furniture

Adding metal trim to your furniture creates a timeless look.

Decorating with Copper - Ideas from Blindscapes, Albuquerque

Decorating with Copper

Copper adds unique style and creates a warm mood.

Colorful Accents - Design Ideas by Blindscapes

Colorful Accents

Adding color to your décor can cheer up your house – and your life!

Relaxed Furniture - Design Ideas by Blindscapes

Relaxed Furniture

Relaxed furniture can help you slow down and unwind.

New Countertops - Design Ideas by Blindscapes

New Countertops

A new counter can top off your kitchen or bath beautifully.

Decorating with Modern Art - Ideas from Blindscapes in Albuquerque

Modern Art

Modern art adds a focal point and conversational interest.

Vintage Finds and Antiques - Design Ideas from Blindscapes in Albuquerque

Vintage Finds and Antiques

Vintage finds and antiques add depth and personality to your décor.

Decorating with Espresso Brown - Design Ideas from Blindscapes in Albuquerque

A Shot of Espresso

A shot of espresso adds a positive jolt to your decor.